Push Metrics Bring charts, dashboards & alerts from your database or Tableau to Slack

With PushMetrics your team has access to all your data directly in Slack. Request data from your SQL database or Tableau ad-hoc & directly in Slack, receive alerts when KPIs change and automate your recurring reports.Want to increase visibility of your company data & metrics?
Want to receive alerts in the moment change happens?
Want to make access to reports & dashboards really easy for your team?We’ve got you covered:• Use /pm to browse through all your available dashboards, metrics and stored queries and publish them in any channel
• Use /pm to load data instantly
• Schedule Reports to send your most important numbers to your channels frequently
• Give your team the power to review the latest numbers with one click on Reload
• :alert: Set up intelligent alert rules to monitor your KPIs and receive alerts directly in Slack.To use the PushMetrics Slack app, you will need a paid subscription of PushMetrics. Free Trial available!