PubblePubble is a messaging platform that simplifies how teams interact with their customers.

Slack, meet the Pubblebot – the friendly bot that’s designed to help your team to deliver awesome customer support.Pubble is a real-time messaging platform that simplifies how teams communicate with their customers via their websites. The Pubblebot takes care of the repetitive parts of the customer support process like capturing contact details or auto-answering FAQ’s. Freeing your team to engage with those customers who really do need some good, old school, human powered help. The messaging experience on Pubble differs hugely from other live chat solutions. “Looks like live chat, works like WhatsApp” is good way to think of the differences. Customers message you when it suits them, you reply when it suits you. Pubble handles notifying the customer by SMS / email helping to continue the conversation right on the page where it all started.With our Slack integration, you can now get notified in a Slack channel of questions that are asked on your website. Teams who love Slack will love this integration.For more information, go to

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