Product Hired Job Bot Product Manager jobs delivered in your community

ProductHired, the biggest job board in the world for Product Managers, is here to help your product-oriented slack community find product jobs. Now you can Search for your next Product Management Job via our site or our all new ProductHired Slack Bot.Features:
Users interact directly with the ProductHired Slack Bot to search for specific jobs by:
   -By Location: (City Name or Anywhere)
   -By Seniority: (Junior, Midlevel, Senior, Management, All) The ProductHired Slack Bot can auto post jobs on multiple channels, each with different search criteria (ex. #jobs-senior, #jobs-junior, #jobs, #jobs-Boston, #SFO, #Chicago, etc…)Other Administrative Features:
– Schedule posting on Channels to any day and time during the day. Post everyday, or just a few times a week!- Set-up Workspace admins to manage the bot for the whole community. Add ProductHired Slack Bot admins beyond your current workspace administration.Commands:
/setupworkspace – Type this command and the ProductHired Slack Bot will message you to start setting-up how the bot interacts with the Slack Workspace.
    – Change/Edit Botname
    – Add/Remove Bot Super Admins/setupchannel – Type this command in any channel you want to post jobs in, and the ProductHired Slack Bot will message you with a wizard to start setting up the channel postings.
    – Seniority Level
    – Location
    – Days to Post
    – Hour to postTo start a job search conversation, direct message the ProductHired Slack Bot any word or phrase, for example, ‘Hello’, ‘Find me a Job’, etc..