Probe Access your key metrics with one simple command

Probe gives you access to all of your metrics with one simple command. When you have a data question – you don’t need to go to a dashboard. You can simply type /probe to get the answer.Here is the list of metrics that Probe supports at the moment- trials number of trial / freemium accounts created
– trial conversion your conversion rate from trial to paying customer
– new mrr your gross new business MRR
– renewal renewed MRR from customers coming back to your service
– expansion MRR gained from your existing customers paying more
– contraction MRR lost because your customers start to pay less
– churn lost MRR due to customers leaving
– churn net your net MRR churn = renewal + expansion – contraction – churn
– new mrr net actual amount of money you have added to your business; new_mrr_gross – churn net
– churn rate gross % of MRR you are losing each month
– churn net rate net % of MRR you are losing each monthWe show data in a monthly resolution by default. But you can add weekly to any metric to change this. E.g. /probe new mrr weeklyHow we collect dataThere are two ways to send data to the Probe:
1. Use our Stripe Integration. Once you install the Probe app in your workspace – you will get a message with a “Connect Slack” button
2. Send data to Probe via our API. Subscription data can be messy, so we built a simple API you can use to keep Probe up to date. Check out the Getting Started article:
Paying is required after 14 days of trial. If you are a pre-funding startup – just get in touch and we will be happy to give you a discount.