Poll Everywhere The simplicity of multiple choice and the power of question & answer.

Create a multiple choice or Q&A activity without leaving Slack. Ask a question in Slack to start engaging conversations with your teammates on the fly. Looking to hear from everyone before making a group decision? Voting on who’s most likely to solve the remaining Millennial Prize problems? No matter the question or topic, use Poll Everywhere to spark real-time and inclusive collaboration. NEW!   Build activities from the Shortcuts menu in Slack. Choose Multiple choice or Question & answer to configure and share them in your channels. Multiple choice questions
Give participants options to choose from so you can gather consensus in a matter of minutes.Find Poll Everywhere in your Shortcuts menu or enter /pollev to gather feedback right in your Slack channels. Select Multiple choice and enter your question and response options. Participants can respond by selecting from the available answer choices.Ask these questions using Poll Everywhere for Slack for some quick inspiration:
What should our next trivia competition be? Movies, Pop Culture, Sports
How would you rate today’s team meeting? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Which design is your favorite? A, B, C Q&As
Spark honest discussions or collect questions anytime using a Question and answer activity, featuring built-in upvote & downvote directly in your Slack channels.Use the Shortcuts menu or enter /pollev to open Poll Everywhere for Slack. Choose Question and answer to pose your question. Participants respond with their answers, and then upvote or downvote other submissions in the thread.Ask these questions in your Slack channels to try them out yourself:
What should we prioritize next?
Any questions before the meeting?
How do you feel about working from home?Already have a Multiple choice or Q&A activity created in your Poll Everywhere account? Enter the text command /pollev share followed by the Shareable response link so teammates can weigh in directly from your Slack channels. Real-time results
Log into your free Poll Everywhere account to start engaging teammates live in Slack. The activities you create in your channels will automatically save to your account, where you can adjust advanced settings and view detailed results at any time.Help & Support
Have a question? Enter /pollev for instructions and helpful tips, or email [email protected] is Poll Everywhere?
Used by more than 75% of the Fortune 500 and over 300,000 educators worldwide, Poll Everywhere turns team updates into inclusive and actionable conversations. Ask questions to gather consensus, make key decisions, or vote on your favorite Marvel movie — from anywhere and in any Slack channel.Visit polleverywhere.com to sign up for an account and for more information about all of our features.