PLTcloudProduction Line Tool Cloud Backend. Subscribe to your PLTcloud projects to receive notifications from test reports from associated PLTs.

First Blue Clover Devices invented cloud native hardware test automation, and now we’re bringing it to Slack! The PLTcloud app lets the whole team see test report notifications from the production line without having to log into PLTcloud. PLTcloud lets hardware developers remotely deploy firmware and electronic test routines to their contract manufacturer and quickly verify that the new release is being used on the line. For PCBA level in-circuit testing (ICT) or testing of finished goods in final assembly and test (FAT), the Production Line Tool (PLT) streamlines firmware programming and test automation and provides timely production data without having to travel to the manufacturing site.The PLT is the modern hardware company’s choice for firmware deployment and test automation.  Learn more about it here: Use the PLTcloud app to 1) see a list of your projects, 2) subscribe your Slack channels to report notifications, and 3) receive notifications in real time!

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