PleesherSlack Analytics & Tips to improve your team efficiency

Are you or your team efficient using Slack in your company?
Are you influent or supportive enough? If you want to know, Pleesher provides each user personal and private analytics and simple tips to be more organized, supportive and influent on Slack.•    NO sensitive data shared
•    NO personal data shared with anyone
•    Built on Slack / 30-second setupPleesher lets you know how you perform compared to other team members:•    You will get a weekly scorecard with a few metrics
•    Simple tips will be provided
•    The team manager will receive an aggregated scorecard (coming soon)Pleesher is a fully automated solution but you can still request the bot to send you data with a few commands. Get the list by typing help in a private message to Pleesher.SAFETY AND PRIVATE DATA USEAt Pleesher, privacy and safety come first. You may think it is easy to say but we do believe in user personal empowerment rather than micro-task management. Therefore, these our two promises and how we do our best to keep them:1. Sensitive data are not stored by Pleesher. We ask for lots of permission as we need some data to provide you with powerful and accurate analytics. However, we only need and store the following data: when, in which channel, by who an action (post, emojis, and so on) has been done. That is it! As for today, we analyze only the content to know if the user is asking a question. In the future, if we think it is relevant to analyze other data, we will let you know here.2.  Each user data are private meaning than you will be the only one able to share these in your team or company. No one will be able to access them. Obviously, if you are only two in the team, it is easy to know who is n°1 or n°2! But our bot targets +10-people companies where communication starts to be challenging.UNLIMITIED FREE TRIAL / PAID ACCOUNT (coming soon)For now, Pleesher for Slack is free to use with its basic features. We are developing a paid plan for companies willing to get powerful analytics and metrics to manage their team.Feel free to contact us for further question: [email protected]

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