PlayvoxGet notifications about: evaluations, workloads, calibrations, disputes, quality weekly reports.

With Playvox App for Slack, getting process notifications and weekly quality reports becomes easy, simple. Regardless of you being an Admin/Manager, Team Leader, Quality Analyst or Agent, keep track of what is going on in your Quality process in a centralized way.Playvox App allows you to receive:
• Notifications regarding activity that occur in the Quality App, including those regarding evaluations, workloads, calibrations, and disputes.
• Notifications via channels chosen during the app configuration process that the Weekly Quality Reports (which is shipped on Mondays) is ready for viewing, keeping your team aware of the entire Quality Assurance progress. Note that you’ll need to have a Playvox account with super-admin or admin access level to install Playvox App for Slack, whether you’re a paying customer or on a free trial. Also, users invited to use the app will receive an email informing them of such, as well as a direct message in Slack from the app itself. Needless to say, users must have their email registered in Playvox. Need help? Contact us at [email protected]

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