Phone Wagon Top-Rated Call Tracking Software For Marketers

PhoneWagon provides realtime 2-way SMS directly from Slack. Each conversation with your contacts are threaded, making it extremely convenient to manage your communication with your customers.When you sign up with PhoneWagon, you will have access to phone numbers from all the major countries, allowing your customers to call or text into. Click the “Activate Integration” button in the “Slack” page to enable Slack. All texts post to your Slack channel of choice. Then directly from Slack, simply reply and a text message will be sent to that contact.To get started with PhoneWagon, go to No credit card is required– we only ask for your basic details. Once you validate your email with us, you can interact with our free trial account by texting back and forth between your phone and the PhoneWagon tracking number.
To contact us, text us at (917) 909-4227.Contact developers at [email protected]