PeelAutomated Revenue Analytics ⚡️

Peel is the easiest way to actively monitor your Shopify store revenue, customer cohorts, and identify key drivers of growth. We automate the repetitive work of the business analyst and serve up critical business metrics and customer cohort analysis. Understanding your business’s health is now as easy as checking the weather – you just need to check Slack!The experienced product team behind Peel couples machine learning with secure data connections to offer a smarter approach to data analytics for teams on Slack.Peel makes it easy (no code) for you and your team to be data informed so you can make strategic data driven decisions. You don’t need to be an analyst or engineer to use Peel – it is truly meant for anyone who can read. No data modeling, and coding required. Set it up in less than 2 minutes.HOW PEEL WORKS:
Connect your Shopify account to Peel in one step
Connect your Slack workspace to your accountPeel will do the analysis
Highlights the top segments that drive revenue and sends you the most important analysis!WITH PEEL YOU:
Never Code
Never write SQL
Never create queries in a WYSIWYG template
Never create dashboardsAll you do is (only once) explain your database in plain English, and then read the reports we send every day. Have questions or want to learn more? Drop us a line at [email protected] developers at [email protected]

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