PBXDomPBXDom is Call Accounting & Analytics Service

PBXDom is a web application call accounting and analytics service that lets your team keep an eye on call activities and reporting.PBXDom  helps SMEs to Enterprises  better understand their phone system activity, *You lose money every time the sales department misses a phone call
*You will have unsatisfied customers if they can’t reach your service teamYou know how they say information is power? You first need to be able to capture and then analyse it, and that is essential what we do.This integration will allow you to receive updates in a Slack channel when an alert is triggered in PBXDom. For example, you can set when someone calls on your support phone number, automatically send call information to Slack channel, Or you get notifications on your Slack channels each time missed calls occurred.
You can try our service free for 14 days,  after which you can upgrade to one of our paid plans.We support most major business phone systems.

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