Slack Application: Paymo Project management and time tracking solution for teams

Paymo is the work and project management app that allows teams to work happy by getting everyone on the same page. Planning, scheduling, task management, time tracking, and invoicing are seamlessly integrated under the same roof.With Paymo for Slack, it’s even easier to turn discussions into tasks, add task comments, or track work time without leaving Slack.From within Slack you can:• Create a new task in Paymo from a Slack message or by typing /paymo add
• Get notified about all the tasks you have in Paymo
• Link a specific project to a channel so you can easily upload files from the channel to the linked project
• Add a message as task comment in Paymo
• Display detailed information about the latest tasks you’ve worked on and take actions on them
• Start, stop, resume, and display information about the timerNote that you’ll need a trial or paid Paymo account to use the Paymo >< Slack integration. You can read a detailed presentation of all the options in our Guide.

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