Papyrs A modern take on the team wiki, company intranet & internal knowledge base.

Papyrs is a modern take on the internal wiki, company intranet & knowledge base. Where chat is great for conversations, quick updates and brainstorming, Papyrs helps you organize everything else–from documentation, manuals, news, procedures to forms. Easily create a central site for all knowledge within your organization and find back answers in an instant.With the Papyrs for Slack app, you’ll be able to post, share and find knowledge without having to leave Slack!Why use Papyrs as your wiki/knowledge base for Slack?* An easy-to-use editor to write and share all kinds of internal pages.
* Dozens of widgets to add to your pages. From checklists, embeds, calendars, polls to forms.
* A modern design with layout options which look great for both text docs as well as rich dashboards.
* Single Sign On with Slack, so staff can log in with existing accounts.
* Use the /papyrs command to find answers in an instant, directly from Slack. Search through pages, files, posts and records.
* Discussed a great new idea, want to store it for later? Quickly saves notes to Papyrs with the /papyrs post command.
* Lightweight but powerful. Drag&drop for non-technical staff, power features like Markdown and keyboard shortcuts for pros.
* Integration with many other tools.
* Quick support.
* Scales well; from tiny teams to large companies.
* Straightforward permission settings.