Panopto Access Panopto from your workspace

Panopto is a secure video platform that helps millions of employees, teachers and students record, live stream and manage their meetings, lectures and assignments.  With the Panopto Slack app, users can search their Panopto video libraries without ever leaving Slack.  Just type /panopto followed by your search query and results will be displayed directly in Slack.  You can then browse results and share with a single click!This application requires Panopto Enterprise edition.  Ask your Panopto administrator to establish a one time link between your Slack workspace and your Panopto site.  Users will be asked to link their Slack and Panopto accounts upon first use.Supported commands:/panopto [search] search_query
Executes the specified search query under the user’s security context.  A maximum of 50 results will be returned.The ‘share’ button on the search results will post the presentation metadata to the current Slack channel.
The ‘prev’ and ‘next’ buttons can be used to navigate through a result set.
The ‘clear’ button will remove the search results message/panopto linkacct
Manually establishes the link between your Slack workspace membership and your account in Panopto.