Pana Cast Online panoramic video conference with Pana Cast 2 camera

This integration lets your team use the /panacast slash command to start/join a meeting right from a Slack channel with your PanaCast 2 camera.This integration requires that you or your channel teammates to have at least one PanaCast 2 Camera connected in order to enjoy the panoramic conferencing experience provided by the PanaCast 2.In addition, for the users who do not already have the PanaCast 4K application installed, first time installation is required by simply clicking “Install PanaCast App Now” in the hyperlink appeared in the Slack message after the /panacast command is involved.The PanaCast 2 video collaboration camera from Altia Systems: Panoramic-4K video camera that allows remote teams to participate in immersive video conference calls, making them feel like they’re in the room. Host smoother meetings that provide higher productivity, without all the annoying hassles of typical video conferencing cameras. Everyone is in the frame all the time, eliminating the typical “Who just said that?” and “Who is there with you?” questions. Look around. See everything. You are in the room with the PanaCast 2. It’s that simple.