Page Proof You’ll see notifications about your proofs

The PageProof Slack app will send you notifications about your proofs. For example: when proofs you own are approved or a to-do list is sent. If you’re mentioned in a proof comment, you’ll see that too.Your PageProof team admin can install this app for your organization.To use this app you’ll need a PageProof account. Accounts can be created over at A PageProof license to cover all users inside your email domain to create proofs starts at $199 per month. This includes unlimited versions, storage, proof uploaders and reviewers in and outside of your email domain. To see a demo of PageProof, contact [email protected] or choose a time here: is an online proofing platform that lets you gather feedback and approvals on your creative work quickly and simply. Use PageProof to send out proofs of: Microsoft Office files, Adobe files, imagery, PDFs, brochures, video, audio, presentations, websites, HTML web banners and email templates, 3D content and more. Your reviewers all comment on the same file, in real-time – placing comments directly on top of your creative. Simple. Smart. Seamless. Secure. PageProof is online proofing reimagined.