OvvyOvvy lets you see who’s on-call, check schedules, and easily create overrides.

Ovvy means more control for teams over their on-call schedules. You’re already in Slack, so minimize context switching by quickly checking your PagerDuty on-call schedules, finding out who is currently on-call for services, and creating overrides all within Slack.Life happens: overrides are essential for planning holidays, sickness, time off, appointments, emergencies, and crunch times. In addition to creating and managing overrides directly in Slack, Ovvy tackles the common pain point around finding someone for an override. Easily ask if team members can grab a shift by launching a poll, and when someone accepts the shift Ovvy automatically creates the override.Here’s what you can do:
• Check your on-call schedule
• See who is on a rotation and who is currently on-call
• Assign an override in Slack
• View escalation policy details
• Quickly poll team members for who will cover a shift
• Get reminders for upcoming overridesOvvy unlocks the power of PagerDuty and Slack to reduce toil and save time, allowing you and your team to focus on what matters.

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