Opsidian Collaborate on your AWS infra from Slack

Opsidian makes it easy for developers to query their AWS using natural language or CLI commands. This allows teams to:- Collaborate easier on AWS infrastructure without leaving Slack.
– Run more atomic commands than the AWS CLI – making it easier to discuss on Slack.
– Use natural language let devs who are not AWS experts query and participate in tackling infrastructure challenges without remembering CLI command syntax.
РUse multiple AWS profiles/accounts.For security reasons we allow read-only commands to be performed. Opsidian supports many AWS services, including: Kinesis, SQS, ECS, EC2, API Gateway, RDS, S3, DynamoDB, ELB, EMR, ElastiCache and Lambda.  You can see our full command and AWS service coverage at http://opsidian.ai/commands.