OpManagerGet Realtime notifications on alerts raised from OpManager.

The OpManager-Slack integration for quick IT troubleshootingOpManager is a proactive, simple network monitoring solution that allows you to monitor your complex IT infrastructure for availability and performance. With the OpManager-Slack integration, you can get real-time alerts from OpManager in Slack channels and as direct messages even when you are not accessing the tool. This integration enables you to discuss troubleshooting steps with peers and make quick decisions. This integration will help IT teams to customize and simplify alert handling. You’ll be able to avoid possible downtime and see a noticeable improvement in the average handling time for every network issue. Once integrated with OpManager, Slack alerts can be configured in a notification profile or as a step in a workflow task. Slack notifications for OpManager:OpManager can be configured to notify the network administrator of network faults or unmonitored devices through alarms. A notification profile can be customized to perform automatic actions based on the alarm raised, or it can simply alert the network admin who can then take corrective measures immediately. In the OpManager notifications profile, simply click on chat and configure your notifications with custom fields. Select the member or channel you want the notification to be sent to. And, that’s it. Consider an example: A notification profile can be configured solely to monitor Virtual Machines. All alerts could be configured to be sent to a single channel that is dedicated to receiving these alerts. Hence all Virtual Machine alerts can be received on that channel.This applies to other network devices too. Slack and OpManager workflow tasks:Network administrators have preset, routine tasks to perform either during network faults or as ongoing maintenance tasks. These Level-1 troubleshooting steps and repetitive maintenance tasks can be automated through OpManager’s powerful IT workflow automation engine. Drag and drop the “Send Slack Message” action to wherever necessary in the workflow. Trigger the workflow. Once the custom automation runs, users will receive a Slack notification alerting them whenever user-defined criteria in the workflow is satisfied. For example, consider having a critical server in an IT infrastructure. In order to check the status of the server periodically, you could design a workflow. Adding a Slack message to the workflow will enable you to receive immediate alerts on the state of the server.About OpManager:ManageEngine OpManager is a network management platform that helps enterprises, service providers and SMEs manage their data centers and IT infrastructure efficiently and cost effectively. Automated workflows, intelligent alerting engines, configurable discovery rules, and extendable templates enable IT teams to set up a 24/7 monitoring system within hours of installation. Do-it-yourself add-ons extend the scope of management to include network change and configuration management, IP address management, as well as monitoring of networks, applications, databases, and virtualization. For more information about OpManager, visit manageengine.com/opmanager.This integration works with both the trial version as well as paid versions of OpManager.For more information, please visit www.manageengine.com/network-monitoringcheck out our blog at blogs.manageengine.com/network/opmanager and follow the company on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ManageEngine, and Twitter at twitter.com/manageengine.Know more about our privacy policy: https://www.manageengine.com/privacy.html

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