OnSIPGenerate free click-to-call links in Slack

OnSIP is a cloud phone system for modern teams. With this app, you can generate custom click-to-call links from Slack, check the status of the OnSIP network, and more.Current list of commands:- /onsip – Get information about your OnSIP service
– /onsip status – Check the current status of the OnSIP network
– /onsip call [[email protected]] “display name” – Generate a custom click-to-call link
  – [[email protected]] is the SIP address that the call will be directed to.
  – “display name” is the name that will be displayed on the click-to-call page. If the display name is missing, the default display name will be the entered SIP address.
– /onsip help – See a list of all /onsip commands and how to contact the OnSIP Customer Success TeamSign up for a free OnSIP account to access our webphone app and more cloud communications and collaboration features: https://www.onsip.com/slack.For more information about OnSIP, visit our website: https://www.onsip.com.

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