Onna DiscoveryOnna is a knowledge integration platform that aids in eDiscovery and compliance

Onna eDiscovery powers defensible, targeted data collection across Slack enabling you to confidently hold, collect, search, tag, and preserve data for specific users, as well as run custom exports. Through powerful indexing, classification, machine learning, and natural language processing, you can quickly identify what you need when faced with discovery requests, litigation, internal investigations, regulatory mandates, and audits. What can you collect with Onna?
● All or selected workspaces
● All or selected channels, both private and public
● Messages posted on channels, direct messages (dms) and multi-person instant messages (mpim)
● Edited and deleted messages (only available if ‘Keep Everything’ is selected as a setting in Slack Enterprise)
● Files posted on channels, dms and mpims
● Posts created in the files section, channels, dms and mpims
● Snippets created in the files section, channels, dms and mpims
● Files created in the files section, channels, dms and mpims
● All Slack Emoji reactionsKey features include:
● Defensible collections: Collect all metadata from the original source, extract all embedded items, and preserve files in their native format.
● Advanced search: Run targeted searches and get fast, accurate results with advanced data capture and processing — including OCR and audio transcription.
● Preservation: At the click of a button, apply preservation for legal holds across multiple users and apps, all in one platform.
● Real-time access: Sync data continuously so you always have the latest information.
● Audit logs: Maintain a comprehensive audit log of all your data collections.
● Collaboration and sharing: Work with internal stakeholders, outside counsel, and service providers in real-time, only sharing what’s relevant.
● Export to review: View clean, comprehensive data exports in your chosen review platform.Want to learn more? See our in-depth guide on how to collect from Slack with our integration.

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