OfficevibeUnderstand your team. Master 1-on-1s. Grow as a manager.

Discover the simplest way to understand your team’s true feelings, hold better 1-on-1s with less prep, and support your people from anywhere.With the Officevibe Slack integration, managers can measure team morale with quick weekly surveys delivered directly through Slack that include opportunities for anonymous written feedback. One-on-ones are also easier than ever with invites via Slack to plan, hold, and follow up on meetings with every team member.Officevibe makes it easy for managers to develop trust, collaborate, and drive team performance. Get started today for free.
•  Give your team a safe space to share their honest thoughts
•  Collaborate to plan better 1-on-1s in less time
•  Dig deeper on any team issue to focus on what matters

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