OfficeBotSmart, simple and affordable leave / absence management & employee shift / scheduling bot

Project management tools are heavy. Timesheet tracking is meant for internal systems to track employee’s leave. But there is no easy and simple way to find out the whereabouts of your teammate. OfficeBot is here to solve your work day problems. No more looking around. Your mate is a just a Slack away.
When you are working from home or remote location, let OfficeBot know just by typing ‘wfh today’ or ‘wfh from 12/10 to 12/15’. You can also add additional comments which will be shown to others. Other members in your team can just type ‘where is @john’ to know where John is today. Also you can type ‘schedule of @sarah’ to know Sarah’s upcoming schedule. Similarly, if you are going on vacation, you can type pto instead of wfh. For example, ‘pto from 12/10 to 12/15 -m going to disney’. If you ever forget any of the commands, just type ‘help’. OfficeBot will show you all the commands it can process.OfficeBot is now offering employee shift management with no additional cost. All included in your existing GOLD plan. Currently this feature is in Preview under SILVER plan.Form more details please visit our website

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