ObindoSpark connections and help your organization’s best ideas spread

Spark connections and help your organization’s best ideas spread.Hey Obindo, who would be the best person to talk to about this? Obindo is your organization’s people and knowledge discovery bot who connects you to the people and information you need. • Surface key information to new employees so they can onboard quickly
• Help your remote team members more easily learn from each other and replicate each others’ successes
• Spark cross-team communication so you can better serve your customers
• Unlock key conversations that so often get trapped in email and surface them in Slack
• Encourage a culture of collaboration by making it easy for everyone to share what they knowWorking with Obindo is easy! Just email Obindo any notes, documents, photos or files you’d like to make available to others in your organization. Obindo automatically organizes those messy email threads and file attachments into simple, easy-to-find and easy-to-share pages and groups them together by person and topic. Then just ask Obindo, right from Slack, who the best person is to talk to about anything! “Obindo is amazing at helping our remote team stay better connected.”
— Garrick Beil, Senior Sales Executive, SAS“Obindo helps us solve our company’s number one question: who is the person I can talk to about this?”
— Ron Goedendorp, VP of Space Opportunities, NanoRacks

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