Nozbe Teams Work from home with your team

Nozbe Teams is a simple to-do app for small teams. It powers teams – both remote and office-based – to get tasks done, communicate easily and complete projects on time. Nozbe Teams is available as a web app and iPhone, iPad, and Android apps.With the Nozbe Teams integration for Slack, you can create new tasks and receive notifications on the ones you’re already working on in Nozbe Teams – all without leaving Slack!Use Nozbe Teams – Slack integration for:* Creating new Nozbe Teams tasks directly from Slack conversations using the “Create Task” option in the Message Menu. This way, you’ll save actionable stuff from Slack to Nozbe Teams to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.
* Getting Slack notifications to ping you when someone assigns you a task in Nozbe Teams or mentions you in a comment.
* Easily previewing Nozbe Teams tasks in Slack and adding practical reminders.