NightowlBringing the best parts of email to Slack: Scheduled messages, BCC, drafts, & recipient groups

Bringing the best parts of email to Slack
Scheduled messages, BCC, drafts, & recipient groupsFully functional free version available Nightowl provides an email-like interface in Slack • All messages are sent from your user
• Keep your outgoing correspondence organizedMessage multiple recipients at the same time • Select any number of users, groups, public channels and/or private channels
• Like BCC in email, recipients will only see the sender, not each otherSchedule messages without doing timezone math • Schedule messages to multiple recipients; easily cancel them before delivery
• Optional timezone settings do the math behind the scenes to help teams with a global footprintSet recurring schedules for messages • Take advantage of all the scheduled message features on a recurring basis
• Empower team members with repetitive message workflowsSave drafts and create custom recipient groups • Drafts messages can be converted into any type of message
• Recipient groups keep your contacts organized, like email distribution listsLive, in-Slack support • You don’t have to leave Slack to get help with Nightowl
• Our apps have live support built in: just click the Help button in the App Home to open a ticket
• Our support team will quickly respond in the Messages tab of the App HomeSleep well knowing your data is secure • Your data is kept private using granular scopes
• Our API uses TLS 1.2 and your data is encrypted at rest
• We only store what Nightowl needs to function and we do not record the content of Slack messagesLearn more on the app page
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