New Releases Sends notification for new version releases of your favourite projects.

NewReleases is a feature application that enables Slack notifications of web service, a simple service to add and follow projects from many popular Open Source platforms, like GitHub, PyPI, NPM and Docker hub, in order to be notified about their new version releases.The Slack notification is delivered as soon as a project that is tracked is updated, no longer than 30 mins after the new version is released. Filtering of pre-releases, updates and using regular expressions is possible.In order to use the App you need to be registered user of and to allow the App to integrate with your Slack account. Slack notification contains a link to the page on of updated project, as well as list of all new versions. No extra charge will be conducted to your account for using this App. NewReleases App does not send any emails to your email account associated with Slack.The proper way to remove the App is from within the Service. In this way both the Service and Slack are properly notified that the integration has been revoked. After removal, a notification about this action will be sent out. It is possible to enable and disable this App unlimited number of times.