Navigator Where meetings come together: Agendas. Reminders to prepare. Action item tracking.

With Navigator, every meeting on your calendar gets a collaborative workspace that brings together agendas, files, notes, action items and automations for the busywork.A workspace for every meeting
— Every workspace comes ready-to-go with a collaborative agenda.
— A link to the workspace is added to a meeting’s calendar event.
— Meeting details stay synced, no matter what.Collaborative agendas
Everything organized into a single place
— Discussion topics
— Files and links
— Meeting notes
— Action itemsAutomations for meeting preparation and follow-up
Never drop an agenda topic or action item
— Reminders to prepare
— Meeting summaries
— Recurring  & scheduled Topics
— Action item trackingNavigator & Slack
With the app, your team can get individual notifications through direct messages from Navigator:
— Reminders to prepare
— Action item follow-ups
— A preview of the agendaVisit our website to learn moreContact our team at [email protected]