Mulebot Chat Bot for querying configuration of user’s infrastructure on

What this app does? Mulebot app is one of the core areas of Director Online, covering the storage operational support of kubernetes clusters. DevOps developers and admins get the analytics of their OpenEBS volumes deployed across multi-cloud kubernetes clusters right into their Slack channels. Its functionality extends beyond just simply providing alerts and providing a way to query any configuration and status from Slack, It goes all the way to interact with DevOps developers and admins to manage the YAML config files in their CI/CD system.
Mulebot will enhance the user’s experience with the Director Online by allowing them to query the clusters’ configuration of Director Online.How this app works ?First of all, the user will install this app into his/her Slack-workspace. During installation, the user has to select a channel to post a response for slash commands and alerts. (Note : Either select a channel in which you are present or create a new channel in your workspace first and then select that channel during installation), after selecting a Slack channel and clicking on the authorize button, the user will be redirected to where the user has to select the clusters from the list of available clusters (one or more) to specify which cluster information user wants in his/her selected Slack channel. The user is prompted for authentication by if the login has not happened already.
User will be able to query the selected clusters in the selected channel only. Users will not get any information outside that channel for the clusters mapped to that particular channel.
Users installing the app would be able to query Director Online about the clusters they have imported in Director Online with the help of “/maya” slash command which would help them to get all the information by doing a single query. For example,/maya get clusters –   List all the clusters imported in  
                                     Director Online whether active or
/maya get cluster cluster-name
                             –      Fetch all the details of that particular cluster
                                    whose cluster-name is provided.
/maya help         –      Shows the list of all the available slash
                                    commands and their functionality that can
                                    be used to query the bot.