Slack Application: MoBerries Connect your MoBerries account to Slack to receive candidate application notifications.

MoBerries is a shared talent pool and a platform for on-demand recruitment. We match actively looking candidates to the best business and tech jobs based on real-time communication, feedback and matching powered by AI. It is a paid service available via flexible monthly subscription model.Integrate your MoBerries account to your Slack and receive notifications about new candidate matches even faster! This Slack integration provides all information in a preview to make the screening process as smooth as possible. Beside information about the candidate’s skills and experience, it even enables you to accept or decline a match directly from Slack. You need more information about the candidate? No problem, you can easily view the full profile as well.All you need to do to connect your MoBerries account with Slack is clicking on ‘Connect’ and select your workspace as well as the Slack channel you would like to receive the notifications in. That’s it – Recruiting has never been faster!

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