Message Scheduler Schedule messages to be sent in the future

Schedule Slack messages with ease using the /schedule command.Messages are sent from your profile, so no one will know you’ve scheduled a message!Hundreds of great teams like Uber, Shopify and Adobe have already started using Message Scheduler to change how teams within their company use Slack.
“It’s already allowed me to schedule messages to people for the next business day since I tend to work at night and on weekends and I hate disturbing people when they’re not on work time!” – Erin
—–Message scheduler lets you quickly schedule a message in a tonne of intuitive formats:
• /schedule Hello in 10 minutes
• /schedule Good morning at 9 am
• /schedule Where’s the weekly update next week
• /schedule How did the meeting last night go tomorrow
• /schedule Have a good night team at 5:00pmOur sophisticated message analyzer breaks down your message to understand the content and when it should be sent. Or just type /schedule to use the included advanced scheduler to:
• Schedule message for multiple users or channels at once
• Schedule messages for any timezone
• Schedule long-form announcements====Message scheduler is already empowering hundreds of teams to use Slack more effectively
• Communicate across timezones – respect their office hours
• Schedule important updates for the best time
• Schedule messages to go out to a specific person or multiple channels
• Batch your Slack time and focus on productive work
“We recently installed Slack Scheduler at work and I LOVE THE CONCEPT and the use-cases! I’ve wished for this for some time!” – Aaron==== Privacy ====
We’ve worked with some of the biggest teams on Slack to ensure that our app works securely within your organization. We ensure this by: Never logging or storing your message information
Using the official Slack API
Only requesting permissions that are needed
Requiring users to individually grant permission to the app
Encrypting basic information needed about your workspace using advanced encryption standards==== Pricing ====
We have a generous 14 day, unlimited access free trial available for you to test out the app.
Our pricing below ensures we can continue to update the app with new features that come to Slack, and that we can provide customer support to your team. Personal ($11 / month) – Unlimited messages and access for up to 10 people
Team ($20 / month)  – Unlimited messages and access for your whole team
Community (Custom) – For communities looking to schedule content on SlackIf you have any questions we’d love to chat – [email protected]