Mesasix Time Tracker Your Slack Team Attendance and Time Tracker Web Application

It has never been easier to track your team’s work time than with the Mesasix Time Tracker and Slack integration. This application tracks your team members’ time in and out through Slack commands.
Mesasix Time Tracker uses real time monitoring and notifications, as well as creates and manages your team’s timesheet. You can also customize the bot responses to personalize your interaction with the application.
Clock through Slack chat using these commands:
/in,  /brb,   /back,  /out,  /check [commands], etcFor the complete list of commands and other features, visit your time and your member’s time (owners and admins only) via our dashboard at just click the ‘Sign In’ button and sign in through slack and your good to go.
Try our 15-day trial, no credit card required! For more info, question and suggestion, visit or email us at [email protected]