Merge Freeze The code freeze tool for Slack & Github

Merge Freeze is a Github and Slack app that allows dev teams to block merging into a protected branch at certain times of the week or during one-off situations.Features• One-off freezes – Anyone in your team can temporarily block merging• Recurring freezes – Create a weekly schedule of merge freezes so your team can only merge during certain hours• API – Access the merge freeze status from deployment scripts to block those too!• Slack app – Freeze or unfreeze your protected branch with a simple /mergefreeze command   Slack appThe Slack app gives you a /mergefreeze command that, when called, will show you the current status of your protected branch(es) and a big shiny button to either freeze or unfreeze it.It will also send your team a notification when someone implements a merge freeze, very handy as an extra reminder that everyone should stop merging. You can configure which channel these notifications should go to.