Memaila The very first team inbox that can be managed by anyone on your team from any device.

Memaila provides CRM-like functionality combined with a shared team inbox. Whereas a traditional CRM requires all team members to be logged into the CRM system to participate in team emails, Memaila’s revolutionary system allows team members to contribute to team emails from their own email account and also from within Slack. We designed a way to give members of a team the ability to respond to shared team emails from their private email address while the response still shows as being received from the team email address. We also created features such as ‘Thread Control’ and ‘Smart Notifications’ to avoid multiple employees responding to emails that were already responded to, also known as ‘collisions’. At the same time, Memaila brings CRM-like insight into the email you receive, integrating with ERP systems like SellerCloud and the like. These are some of a plethora of other features that make Memaila the revolutionary new way to manage team email messages.You may sign up and start using Memaila under free trail plan for 14 days, then after you need to upgrade as paid member.