Meeting AssistantEasily schedule Zoom, Webex, and Google Hangouts video meetings directly in Slack is the AI-powered Meeting Assistant built to help teams schedule video & remote meetings automatically. With for Slack, you can book video meetings, group meetings, interviews and more directly in chat. You’ll also be able to access attendee insights and essential information before your meetings. Simply request a meeting via your Meeting Assistant using natural language, just like you would a real human assistant! syncs with all your calendars and favourite work applications like, GoToMeeting, HubSpot, Greenhouse, and 50 more.Get back hours in your day, connect to your stakeholders easily, and focus on the work that matters most with smarter scheduling.With for Slack, you can:
– Schedule, update and cancel meetings with no back-and-forth emails
– Add video conferencing to meetings automatically (including, Webex, Google Hangouts and more!)
– Access your calendar and team availability whenever you want right in Slack
– Instantly share when you’re available in channels or DMs with a personal scheduling link
– Simplify meeting preparation with automated meeting briefings Ready to schedule meetings directly in Slack? Visit
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