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MediaMobz takes your video relationship from love-hate to love-love with a complete video content marketing platform.  Collaborate with teams anywhere, anytime to keep everyone aligned around their video projects.  Video is tough and complex, we streamline communications and workflows.  Access over 3,500 video experts around the globe to compliment your team in scaling your video capabilities. Create video-centric mobile landing pages to test out your messaging and find your way to conversion rates in your clients content marketing campaigns that have not been seen before. Work with the marketing platform used by brands like IBM, Dell, Clorox, The Economist and more. Connect your MediaMobz Platform to Slack.  Send updates and notifications from MediaMobz Workspaces, Screening Rooms and jobs.  Allows all stake holders in the media creation process to keep up to date with what is happening on the MediaMobz platform, without ever leaving your slack environment.  Allows full control of which notifications, if any, are sent to user specified slack channels.   Easily turn off or on the integration per Workspace.A MediaMobz Account is required for this integration.  You can contact [email protected] to get started.

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