MASV Send Large Files (20GB+) Fast with MASV for Slack

If you work with large video files, specifically those 20GB+, you know that conventional file sharing tools can be unreliable. MASV ( solves this!MASV is a simple way to send and receive enormous files, and with MASV Portals (, it even offers you a single drop-off point where you can collect assets from an unlimited number of contributors.MASV’s pay-as-you-go pricing means there are no onerous subscriptions– simply pay for what you send or receive.And of course, all your important status updates can be reported in Slack, so it’s easy to keep track of important deliveries.The MASV Slack app gives you real-time notifications upon:
• Package Upload Completion
• Package Download Initiation
• Portal Upload Completion
• Portal Download Initiation
• Team Invitation AcceptanceWhether it’s 4k video footage, RAW content for colouring, huge datasets, or any other large file, when you send something huge, you need MASV. For more information or a 100GB free trial, visit us at  Contact developers at [email protected]