Marlo No more unproductive meetings.

Get real-time meeting feedback with Marlo and finally
end the culture of unproductive meetings.We’ve all been there. Stuck in a meeting that feels like a waste of time. It’s incredibly frustrating, and worse, has somehow become an acceptable status quo. We’re here to fix that.We’ve worked with research produced by top psychologists and behavioral scientists to create a product that packs a real punch. One that will actually improve your meetings.Marlo calculates a Net Meeting Scoreā„¢ by capturing anonymous micro-feedback after each meeting. You’ll also get a glimpse of what everyone else thinks and what can be improved.We trend Net Meeting Scores over time, benchmarking your meetings to other people, teams, and companies. You’ll also get actionable recommendations that result in improvement you’ll immediately notice.Ready to revitalize your meetings? Sign up via Slack now!After adding Marlo to your Slack workspace and connecting your work calendar, Marlo will send some quick introductory DMs to you and share details on next steps. After your next 4+ internal company meeting, Marlo will send you and other attendees direct messages on Slack to collect micro-feedback on the meeting through 3 quick questions. At the end of the day, Marlo will send you, and anyone else who had “Marlo-meetings” a summary with their personal schedule of meetings and the Net Meeting Scores for each, alongside links to the specific meetings dashboard where you can see the score, the score breakdown, feedback, and other anonymous comments from the meeting.Marlo is powered by GIPHY