Markup Hero – Screenshot & Annotate Click to annotate any image or PDF in Slack. Screenshot & share links. Free tool for Slack.

Markup Hero is a free screenshot, image & PDF annotation tool made to increase productivity and improve communication. With Markup Hero for Slack you can quickly annotate any image or PDF in your Slack channels or direct messages. No user account is required, so your whole team can get started using it right away.It’s simple to use:
1. Make sure to add  @Markup Hero to your channels & authorize the app in your direct messages / private channels.
2. Select Annotate File from the More actions menu on the message containing the image or PDF.
3. Click Click here to annotate file in the messages channel.
4. Your image or PDF will seamlessly open on ready to annotate and share.Features:
• Annotation Tools – Text, Arrow, Rectangle, Oval, Pen
• Editing Tools – Color, Font Size / Line Thickness, Move, Scale, Rotate, Undo / Redo, Delete / Remove Pages
• Share Link – Copy a unique sharable link for your image, screenshot, PDF or markup
• Copy Markup – Copy images, screenshots, or markups directly to your clipboard to paste into Slack
• Download Markup – Download images, screenshots, or markups to store locally
• Duplicate Markup – Duplicate and edit any markup that is sent to you, or create new versions of your own markups
• History – View and edit any image, screenshot, PDF or markup at any point, from anywhere online in your web browserBenefits:
Capture Ideas
Communicate Clearly
Save Time