Manifestly Checklists and Tasks Checklist management for your team’s recurring tasks.

Manifestly is a team-based checklist service that improves collaboration and process visibility in your organization’s recurring tasks.  Read more in our Manifestly Checklists OverviewWith Manifestly, you can
• Create unlimited workflows, Standard Operating Procedures, and Recurring Processes
• Assign these to people within and outside your organization
• Schedule workflows to recur on specific days of the week or month
• Integrate with most online systems to automatically launch checklists based on activity in those services.  Simple Commands
Start with one of these commands and then use interactive buttons to complete your checklists. You can use these slash commands in a channel or a DM with the bot.
• /workflows List your workflow and choose one to use.
• /checklists List your in-progress checklists.
• /checklists connect to connect your team members to Manifestly
• /checklists help Show detailed help and examples.Notifications
You can subscribe to Slack notifications for when….
• A checklist is late
• A checklist step is late
• A checklist is completed
• A step completed
• You are assigned a checklist or a stepSlack Channels
You can associate workflows with specific Slack channels to assign checklists, receive notifications, and have your team work on checklists within that channel.