Slack Application: Mail Room Delivery Management System for Slack

Mailroom Wizard is a smart solution that automates your deliveries and pickups. When a package arrives for you, the receptionist can just click a picture of the package delivered and Mailroom Wizard would send out notifications on Slack and the recipient can then either collect their package or choose to let it stay at the reception for collection later.Here is how it works
1. Snap a photo – Take a photo of each incoming delivery or piece of mail using Slack
2. Mailroom notifies the recipient in Slack – We automatically extract the recipient’s details from the photo and notify them, saving you time and hassle.
3. The recipient confirms pickup right inside Slack or the receptionist can do it on their behalf. Even better, you can nominate or delegate someone else to pick the package on your behalf.Automatic reminders for people to pickup their pending packages. No more piles of stuff in the mailroom as Mailroom Wizard will pester the recipient until they pickup their package.We even help you manage packages for people who are no longer with the company or for people who are now in a different office.Dashboard to view reports of the logs of the past deliveries as well as the inventory of unpicked up packages. You even get to download excel reports of the deliveries.This is a Paid service with free trial.

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