MagnifyGet a 2000% higher response rate. Send private messages to all with one click.

Magnify helps leaders of large teams. They usually communicate in group-mail or Slack #channels.
However, crowd-paradox leaves them without answers, everybody thinks that somebody else will answer a question or does not want to speak in public.
Now, with Magnify, you write your question, message, or set up a poll in our web panel and Magnify will deliver your message individually to everybody as if you would have sent it yourself. But you need just one click to do it!
This simple automation increases response rate for large teams by 20000% and even more! A small example: one of our customers asked colleagues to invite their friends to “Like” their page in Facebook and got zero response… When the same message was sent individually via Magnify, they got +500 likes within 2 hours!You have 14 days trial to taste it and only after that period you will need to have paid subscription.

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