Lunch RouletteGet together randomly for lunch or virtual coffee chats remotely. ☕

Lunch Roulette enables collaboration and productivity by grouping coworkers together randomly for lunch, grabbing a donut or any other occasion. With Lunch Roulette you can: Create multiple lunch roulettes for different teams
Not everyone is working in the same location. You can create multiple lunch roulettes for each of your locations. Online Coffee Chats
The best way to socialize with distance. Remote coffee chats work perfectly for Zoom, Slack, or Teams video chats. Define each group size
You can set a group size from 3 to 8. Our algorithm will do its best to get people out for lunch even if it doesn’t meet the given size. Reporting (coming soon)
Understand your coworkers and make it measurable. Instant Trigger (coming soon)
Sometimes you just want to match colleagues right now!You get: Inclusive Culture and Collaboration
It helps companies for a holistic inclusive team culture by strengthening communication and productivity. Lunch Roulette improves relationships between all coworkers. Team lunches with high participation rate
It is not any other lunch app. Lunch Roulette asks every individual in private and gets an approval first. No more lunches where nobody shows up.

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