Live Changelog Share product release notes with your team

LiveChangelog lets you create simple release notes to share with your teams and clients.List the changes in your last product release, add some notes and publish it !About LiveChangelog : – Describe your product changes so that it makes the most sense for your users
– Classify changes as “New Features”, “Updates” and “Bug fixes”
– Write some notes to showcase what’s important, add images and diagrams
– Release them to the world on a visually engaging web page
– Share your latest release notes in SlackA free account on is required to use this app.Slack Application :
Sharing release notes is an important part of the product process.
After installing the the LiveChangelog Slack Application, a rich preview is added to the links to published release notes that you share in a Slack channel.We’re still a very young team, and we’d love to get your feedback in order to improve.
Anything good or bad, please tell us !