LitmusSpeed up email production with automatic Slack notifications

Litmus helps businesses create incredible email experiences that drive engagement, loyalty, and revenue. Now, with Litmus Slack Notifications, it’s even easier to streamline your email workflow and get more campaigns out the door, faster.

This integration lets you:• Streamline email production with automatic Slack notifications. Reduce manual effort and keep email production moving quickly. Set up automatic Slack notifications to a channel or as a direct message to alert stakeholders when they need to take action.• Easily collaborate with stakeholders on Litmus project. Automatically share Litmus Proof comments and notifications to your stakeholders directly in Slack, improving collaboration and speeding up review cycles.• Get more visibility into important updates about changes to your Litmus projects. Know as soon as Checklists have been created and when any changes occur, so you are always aware of the progress of your campaigns. Plus, see when Proof comments are made, for better visibility into email reviews and approval status.Litmus Slack Notifications are available on all paid Litmus plans. To learn more, check out our guide.

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