Lingvanex: Language Translation BotTranslate messages, files, websites in channels with 112 languages and dictionary for international teams communication and office work

Lingvanex Translator Chatbot is a professional translation application for your  business. It can translate text, images, files and websites in 112 languages. It’s fully confidential and GDPR compliant. It’s a great tool for customer support helpdesk, marketing, meetings, HR conversations, sales team or project management that will help your teammates to communicate with no language barriers. Increase your office productivity with PDF, Microsoft Word file translation and integration in private or public channel.Translator chatbot can translate text on images and do website translation tasks. Add Lingvanex Bot  to workspace and start messaging at your daily briefing. Multilingual chat will be created and teams can work on support requests, issue tracking, eCommerce or any other IT tasks.Also Linvanex has a translation extension for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge which that can help your team members to translate for FREE any text in any web applications like Jira, Asana,  Bitbucket,  Zendesk, Salesforce, Gitlab, Trello etc. Besides it can translate mail, calendar events, to do lists, just everything and everywhere.Auto-translation in channels & threadsAdd Lingvanex Bot to your team’s channel and it will automatically detect languages of posted messages and instantly translate them into your preferred language. No more copying-and-pasting. You don’t need even to specify source language – the bot does this automatically. You can add bot to the channel simply by using /invite command. Translate large documents (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf)Lingvanex Translator has a powerful neural translation engine to translate documents of any size fast & accurately. Just upload a file to the private chat with the bot, select language and press translate – all that right in your Slack workspace! Commands for quick translationNeed to quickly translate a word or sentence? Just use /translate command.
Enter this command followed by language code and a sentence – /translate [lang] [text], where [lang] is the language code (without brackets) for the desired translation (es, fr, de, ru etc.), and [text] is the text you want to translate. For example: /translate es Good morning!Translate individual messages with “Translate this message” ActionTo translate specific or old messages in the channel, click “More Actions” (⋮) in the top right corner of the message → Translate this message. If you don’t see it in the list appeared, click “More message actions” to add one.Instructions:1. How to enable auto-translation in a channel?
Open a channel where you need a translation and write following command:
/invite @Lingvanex Translator 2. How to change the translation language in the channel?
Write command “@Lingvanex Translator” in the channel and press enter. The app will send a welcome message, click on the “Languages” button and select the necessary language from the drop-down list. Press “Save”.We recommend for each member in your Slack workspace to authorize Lingvanex Translator for better readability of the translated messages. To authorize, you ask each member to enter /auth command and allow the app to post messages on their behalf.We would love to hear from you! If you have questions, comments, or feedback, please contact us at [email protected]

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