Lever Collaborative hiring software that helps win top talent

Lever’s Slack integration makes it easy to engage your entire team in the hiring process. From the Lever app, users can post announcements to Slack channels through #mention notes on individual candidate profiles. Using a #mention will automatically push the contents of the note, along with a candidate overview, to the specified Slack channel.  

This functionality allows users of Lever and Slack to:
  – Share a promising new applicant
  – Remind interviewers to leave feedback
  – Start a quick hiring huddle to determine next-steps
  – Change plans quickly while a candidate is onsite
  – Announce to the entire team when a candidate signs an offer

Interviewers who are part of your team can opt in to receiving Interview Alerts via Slack, too. Interview Alerts allow interviewers to receive:
   1. Proactive interview reminders with candidate information
   2. Easy interview feedback submissionSetting up the integration is easy using the Slack button. Any account administrator can authorize your team’s Slack account from Lever’s integrations page. After doing so, your entire team will have the opportunity to use #mention notes and Interview Alerts.Setup your Lever + Slack integration here: https://hire.lever.co/settings/integrations?display=slack