Leave Dates The Leave Dates staff leave planner helps you plan and track staff leave whilst reducing your admin.

Leave Dates is the easy to use staff leave planner:• Book and approve leave in seconds on our website or mobile apps.
• Plan staff leave using the shared virtual wall chart.
• Manage allowances to stop employees from taking more time off than they are allowed.
• Track as many different types of leave or absence as you need.
• Sync Leave Dates with your regular calendar.
• Record overtime and time off in lieu.
• Import public holidays from over 100 countries.
• Configure Leave Dates to suit your company needs.Link Leave Dates with Slack to give your team daily reminders of who is on leave:• Receive automatic daily reports in Slack to inform you who is on leave.
• Configure when you receive these reports, and who you want to report on.
• Run ad-hoc reports of who is on leave.Leave Dates is free for small companies. Check it out at https://www.LeaveDates.com