Konnect InsightsKonnect Insights is a powerful social listening and analytics tool

Get data from social media and web straight to your slack channel. Set workflows to assign it to user or teams. Konnect Insights supports Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Business reviews, Play store app reviews, App store reviews, Amazon, Flipkart, blogs, forums, news, reviews, complaint forums. Connecting Konnect Insights to Slack allows you to:
•    Push social media data (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and many more) in Slack
•    Assign to users / teams in Slack
•    Automate the process of pushing data
•    Automation based on classification, sentiment, keywords, followers and many more
•    Respond to the conversations from Slack
•    Get this data in real time
•    Push data from all over the web (news, blogs, forums, reviews etc) to SlackWith Konnect Insights you get the power of 4 tools in one.
1.    Listening from all over the web and social media. Built on big data and in-house search engine you will get everything that matters to you. Brand, competition and industry conversations that matter to you
2.    Analytics of all the online conversations such as sentiment, classification, campaign analytics, social profile analytics and many more with beautiful dashboards and BI tools
3.    Response management / Social CRM with intelligent workflows
4.    Scheduling or Publishing posts on social media Konnect Insights is trusted by brands from various industries as it offers a complete social suite. Start your Free Trial (no credit card required) to explore all the features and integrate it with Slack.

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