Kolide Device security for teams that value productivity, transparency, and employee happiness

Kolide is a SaaS application that helps teams communicate and resolve security and compliance issues on Mac, Linux, and Windows devices.Kolide instantly associates your organization’s devices with the people in your Slack team. Once installed, your users will be able to interact with the app to get the latest security state of their devices.Kolide also proactively messages your end-users on Slack when they do not meet your organization’s security policy, or if there is a problem with their device. The message includes clear instructions about what is wrong, with step-by-step instructions on how to resolve the issue. We even give your users a way to verify, in real-time, that they fixed the problem.Kolide practices User Focused Security which involves treating users with respect and being transparent about what data is collected from their device. Kolide has fully open-sourced its endpoint agent (Kolide Launcher) for the benefit of the entire security community.Note: Installing the Slack App requires a paid Kolide account. You can try our service for free for 14 days with all of your devices. For more information about our pricing please visit https://kolide.com/pricing